Sunday, June 01, 2008

Obama visits Great Falls

Obama campaigns in Great Falls
Barack Obama stopped in Great Falls on the campaign trail Friday and my wife and I went out to see this political juggernaut.
We found the local crowd to be disappointingly small, an estimated 2000. My wife guesses that the CMR high school graduation and the fact that it was a Friday night and folks weren’t off work yet when Obama began to speak.
He stayed with his stump speech except for references to the Indian Health Service and support for the military --- both expected in this area.
Bill Clinton and daughter Hillary will be in Great Falls Sunday. I plan to be hiking, although I would like to see the ex-President.
Obama seemed weary from the campaigning, and a little wooden and stumbling.
This is understandable because of the length of the primary season.
It has been exciting to see the candidates here.

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Beth said...

Dude. It's crazy how much snow is left. It's freaking June!