Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crown Butte school trip on blustery day

The Paris Gibson Education Center students on the hike

Coming through the gap 
At the base of the cliffs
A hearty group of 10 Paris Gibson Education Center students braved stiff winds coming off the Rocky Mountain Front Tuesday to climb the Nature Conservancy’s Crown Butte south of Simms.
These were government/history, physical ed, and tourism/hospitality students from Great Falls’ alternative high school.
All made the 1,000 feet uphill to clear the high cliffs of the butte and get a history lesson from teacher Matt Murray. I filled in the geology lesson with some tips on the butte’s environmental and tourism possibilities for the students.
This was the second year in a row I’ve helped with the hike. I find it refreshing and fun, particularly when students react with pride that they can climb a high point like this.
I was heartened when two of the students, Joe and Julie, asked for a more extended trip that allowed us to look over the massive cliffs on the north side.
This is part of Murray’s plan to offer monthly trips for these students, many who have never had organized hikes or outdoors experiences available to them.

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Michele said...

This is SO cool! Even as a child growing up in the 70's I wanted to climb to the top of one of the Buttes, but my father always thought they were privatly owned. Is there a trailhead? If there is, how does one get there? Many thanks if you can help me.
I think it is awesome that you can help these kids explore nature. It is a shame that so many teens grow up and never get the opportunity to explore the nearby mountains. There is nothing like the experience of the wind in the hair, lack of wind in the lungs, and breathtaking views one can only get from a mountain top. Kudos to you!