Saturday, May 02, 2009

May Day, snow day

Bluebird, new snow, skihill closed....couldn't get better

Taking 'selfie' in reflection off of lift shack
Of course the snowstorm set the mountains around Great Falls up for fantastic skiing.
Unfortunately, I've been fighting dizziness and fatigue.
Despite that I took a "snow day" on Friday, May 1 and headed to Kings Hill and enjoyed about 6 inches of new powder atop the hardpack. It was bluebird and warm; warm enough that the snow got like mash potatoes by about 11 a.m.
I took two top to bottom runs on Big Seven, one on Speculation and two on Muley before doing a partial run on Big Seven and out.
Then, it was off to soak at White Sulphur Springs, hoping that "taking the waters" would help me.
On the way home I was so fatigued I stopped at the Sluice Boxes State Park for a nap before getting back to Great Falls.
The Little Belt snow was quite good, but weather reports indicate that up to 4 FEET of new snow fell along the Rocky Mountain Front.
I suspect my symptoms indicate a return of some hypothyrodism I battled 15 years ago.
I made the most of it though, on a rare May snow day.

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