Saturday, May 09, 2009

Perfect May skiing!

Hard to believe this is May!

Turns off Speculation
It may have been the day before Mother’s Day and an off-and-on rainy/sunny spring day in Great Falls, but the skiing was terrific at Kings Hill in the Little Belts Saturday.
There were about three to four inches of new snow on top the Showdown hardpack. Up high the snow was drier and just about perfect. About half-way down Big Seven run the snow was a little heavier.
We bumped into Chuck and Gerry Jennings who had stayed at their cabin overnight and had the same thing in mind --- great May skiing.
Chuck had climbed high on Rocky Mountain Peak in the Front Friday with Gene Sentz and his daughter Sarah. While the snow was good in the Little Belts, he had even higher praise for the snow in the Front ---- deep and just perfect.
Mark Hertenstein and I took six runs, including Quicksilver, Speculator and Muley, in addition to a couple of Big Seven runs.
I think the snow will probably hold up again Sunday.
Go get it while it lasts!

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