Monday, December 07, 2009

Skiing in circles in the neighborhood

Not much to show this week because I didn't do much.
The temperatures really plunged and the snow fell Saturday.
It left me Sunday with some choices to make, and the bed felt really good.
When I finally climbed out I took off with the old skinny skis and hit the local park and laid down an old-fashioned cross country ski track.
Today (Monday) I'm sore from using diagonal stride muscles I haven't put into use in several year.
It was darned cold and I froze my toes with my jaunt.
I was really jealous when Matt Marcinek sent me photos of his snowshoe trip just below the Mizpah bowls in the Little Belts Sunday. It looked super sunny and the snow was deep.
It will be a real circus on Showdown Ski Area next weekend, a combination of the opening weekend and some of the best snow I've seen.

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