Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who said El Nino?

Paul Cogswell cuts turns in South Deadman bowls
Cold, cold, cold.
We seem to be on a winter roll while waiting for El Nino to strike us.
We started out in about 15 degree weather Saturday about 9:30 a.m. By early afternoon the temperatures began to drop....drastically.
Today the temps didn't go above 9 below and snow began to fall again.
We went back to the South Deadman bowls again Saturday and found our tracks mostly covered by a couple feet of snow on top of a hard crust. The wind was whipping pretty hard on the ridgeline and creating some windcrusts.
It was pretty difficult to see clearly because the light was so flat on the slopes.
The snow that had settled on top the crust had a bit of weight to it, making turns a tad more difficult than two weeks ago. I found myself skating on windcrusts only to drop into the heavier snow and plant head first down hill.
We got in six good runs before skiing out.
Our tracks were the first on the new snowfall.
Supposedly, another couple of feet are supposed to fall before the week is out.
There hasn't been an early season snowpack like this in my memory.
El Nino?
If this is what El Nino is supposed to be like, bring it on.

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