Monday, March 08, 2010

Skiing the lazy way

Not ideal for a backcountry guy, but, oh well
What can I say?
I screwed up and passed up skiing on Saturday when 4 inches of powder fell in the Little Belts.
Instead, I headed for Kings Hill and Showdown Ski Area and had lifts carry me and I telemarked down icy slopes that eventually loosened up as the day neared 50 degrees.
At least the skies were bright blue.
This was the classic spring skiing day.
I was worried that the snow in the backcountry would be too windblown and crusted and that which would melt would clump on my skis as happened last week.
Well, I had a fun day anyway.
So far March, typically the snowiest month of the year, has only sprinkled snow and temps have been consistently around 50.
If this keeps up I may have to tune up my hiking boots!

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