Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has arrived

The Lower Memorial Falls
Leila working her way up to the top of the falls

The snow geese were back at Freezout Lake

Katie and Leila
Spring rolled in Saturday with bright blue skies and melting snow.
We had a surprise snowfall in the mountains Thursday night-Friday morning that dumped 8 inches on Kings Hill, ending a three week snow-drought.
That called for a snow day on Friday. We started off heading into the backcountry on the north flank of Showdown Ski Area. But once we saw the great powder, we headed down to the ski area and bought a ticket. We were not disappointed, rewarded by amazing spring powder, sun and an azure sky.
On Saturday we put on snowshoes and hiked above Memorial Falls, coupling that with a trip to White Sulphur Springs for a soak. The south-facing slopes were being stripped of the snow, and the rest was wet and heavy. It was still a warm day with bright blue skies and we had a great time.
Soaking at the Spa in White Sulphur is always a treat, and even more so now that the heroic size murals on three sides of the outdoor pool have been repainted, with new scenes added.
We are in need of more snow. March has been a disappointment.
In fact, last weekend it was so dry that we didn’t do anything in the hills and opted instead to check out the snow geese coming into Freezout Lake near Fairfield. There weren’t many because the lake is still frozen. We did catch sight of geese overhead, though.

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