Sunday, May 15, 2011

Enjoying spring close to home

H. Wayne Phillips enjoys a drink above Cochrane Dam outflow
Prairie flowers are abundant along the trail this Spring
Crooked Falls in high water
I suppose I could have skied this weekend.
The snow atop Highwood Baldy and Big Baldy was plentiful and inviting and the weather sunny.
Instead, I chose to enjoy the green in the hillsides along the Missouri River on River's Edge Trail, the prairie flowers and the high water crashing over the various falls.
We walked out to Cochrane Dam on Saturday, a roundtrip of about 7.4 miles.  On Sunday I hit the Giant Springs via a walk from my neighborhood near Mountain View School.
I'm not sure I've seen in the Missouri River higher or the falls flowing more abundantly.
With the warm weather finally here the water is coming out of the mountains quickly.
However, the snow in the high country is still putting on quite a white show.  It is spectacular against the verdant low country and bright blue sky.
The in-town trail along the Missouri is this community's most wonderful outdoor asset.

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