Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's wet out there

The swallows have disc overed the 9th Street Bridge
The Great Falls of the Missouri at Ryan Dam

Water, water everywhere here in northcentral Montana.
Now is the time to see the various falls of the Missouri River, particularly Crooked Falls and the Great Falls at Ryan Dam.
The wet has grounded me.
I'm concerned enough about flooding that I haven't ventured into the high country, fearful of stream flooding.
Skiing is a possibility, but last weekend I didn't feel like skiing in the rain.
I'm trying to get in shape for the climbing season, but the weather is keeping me off the mountainsides.
So, instead I'm taking long hikes in town, particularly along the river's edge.
The leaves on the trees are nearly full emerged......finally!
The governor has declared a flooding emergency statewide.  Belt Creek is over its banks, the Sun and Missouri rivers are bank full, and many streams throughout eastern Montana are at flood stage.
If this rain keeps up we could finally see if the Sun River levy will do its job.
It was built after the last major Great Falls in-town flood in 1975.

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