Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick trip up Mount Wright

Jones Columbine spangled the ridgeline near the top of Mount Wright

Silky Phacelia showed off along the trail

Arnica and greenery offset the ghost trees of the 2007 Fool Creek Fire

The wild rose was in bloom

The fire created the most interesting trail sign
Mount Wright (elevation: 8,875 feet)  is the perfect day hike if you haven't got a lot of time.
It's 7 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 3,200 feet, but the trail is as scenic as they come and very direct.
I hit the top in just under 2 hours on Tuesday on a mission to scope the snow situation in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is preparation for a trip in 11 days.
Beargrass was blooming
Looking across the Bob from the top I saw lots of snow.  The Swans on the horizon were packed.  Silvertip peak in the north central portion of the area is so covered you can't tell the snowpack from the glaciers.
I'm going to have to hope that a combination of hot weather and rain will wash away enough snow that a trip to the North Wall happens.
There was only one small patch of snow on the Mount Wright Trail Tuesday.  There were flowers everywhere.  On the lower elevations the wild rose was blooming, perfuming up the mountain flanks.  The hillsides, covered with dead trees from the Fool Creek Fire of 2007, were carpeted with yellow arnica and lush greenery, a product of the winter snows and spring showers.
Hollyhocks, an aftermath of fire, are ready to bloom.  There were even patches of beargrass, a sure sign of summer in the high country.
But, there was evidence the snow had just come off in many spots;  glacier lilies and pasque flowers.
Atop the peak there were bunches of forget me nots and Jones columbine.
It was a hazy day and it appeared that there had been a cloudburst the night before and the skies indicated there would be another shortly.
So, I made it a quick trip down, satisfied with a short climb.

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