Sunday, February 09, 2014

Stemple Pass turns on a cold day

Top:  Perfect tele slopes,  Middle:  great snow,  Bottom:  Crater Mountain above all
It has been a week of minus temperatures, including one day as low as minus 34.
I wasn't sure I'd get out, but the opportunity presented itself Saturday as I drove back to Great Falls from Helena after a two day meeting and I took a detour to Stemple Pass.
The sky cleared, the sun came out and the temperature rose to 2 degrees.  At last above zero!!
I took a nice route on a high trail toward Crater Mountain, thinking I would reach that peak.
Instead, I found a great telemark slope and did some yo-yo's with some nice turns.
The new snow, the clear skies, the higher temperature made for a nice, short ski.
My route.

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GrizzLeague said...

Stemple pass area with pics this time, stoking my interest in this area, appreciate it! -Kevin