Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quick trip to Yellowstone Park

Gibbon Falls

The standard harem shot in Mammoth

Norris Geyser Basin


In the Porcelin area of Norris
I took a quick, solo trip to Yellowstone Park this week to see the animals and enjoy the less crowded spaces.
I saw plenty of animals, particularly elk and bison, but also mountain goats and a large grizzly bear.
I had hoped to see a wolf, but did not.
The park was pretty empty.  I spent several hours in the Norris Geyser Basin, one of my favorite spots, and saw not a soul in the back basin and very few in the Porcelin portion of the basin.
There was only a dusting of snow on the high peaks, like Electric and Mount Holmes.
I stayed at the Mammoth Campground and there were plenty of empty spaces.
I went into the park by way of the Paradise Valley and Gardiner and left by West Yellowstone and the Gallatin Canyon.
It had been about 10 years since I had been in the Gallatin Canyon and was stunned by the second home growth, particularly in the Big Sky resort area.  The Ophir School has grown immensely and the Big Sky High School has appeared.  There was highway congestion from Big Sky all the way into Bozeman.
This was a great way to experience the park.

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