Saturday, November 29, 2014

Earning our turns ---- finally!

Mark Hertenstein doing tele turns on Speculation Saturday

A quick look over the side

What a difference 10 days have made for snow.
Although it was 57 degrees in Great Falls, with howling winds, and 35 degrees at Kings Hill Pass, the snow on Porphyry at the Showdown Ski Area couldn't have been better.
Just 10 days ago there was an windcrust and a thin layer of snow that was skiable, but too icy to manage.
On Saturday we skied in a somewhat heavy powder, making four runs down Speculation and two on Upper Quick Silver, gaining more than 2,100 feet and traveling over 6 miles.
As we drove home, we headed right into the weather front that within hours plunged Great Falls to zero and snow.
On Saturday morning it was snowing heavily and temperatures remained below zero all day.
The Rocky Mountain Front was scheduled to receive the heaviest snows.
No doubt, I'll be checking that out early next week.

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