Monday, December 15, 2014

Snow, just not as much as I want

My flocked "Christmas trees" on the Deadman run
We've had some decent snowfalls since my last post, but we've also had some stretches of warm and dry weather that is playing havoc in the backcountry.
I had a report from a friend yesterday that despite great snow at Teton Pass, the surrounding backcountry was only marginal.  It was my planned destination, but after the report I canceled.
Because it snowed this past weekend, I headed for the mountains Monday morning to check things out.
It is really strange;  good snow between Monarch and Neihart, but marginal snow at Kings Hill Pass and on the ridgelines.  There was another 2-4 inches on top of a hard base, but the wind had crusted it, making tele turns difficult.
I went up Deadman trail to the far end of the Deadman bowls, about 3 miles, and I fought that crust all the way.
Luckily, the skies opened up and it was quite beautiful.  It was bright blue and the snow glittered like jewels from the sunlight.  It is so fantastic to live on the east side of the mountains where this is a regular occurence.
I got out only once last week --- skiing up the hill, climbing Porphyry and going across to the Mizpah bowls.  The snow was good, but heavy.
Mizpah ridge

Mizpah cabin

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