Friday, January 02, 2015

First O'Brien Creek run of season

Mount Neihart Baldy comes into view at trip's end
O'Brien Creek bottom
O'Brien Creek run in the Little Belts has became an annual tradition, something that must be done each season.
It has a serene more than spectacular beauty, and the snow is consistently terrific.
It goes from Kings Hill Pass near Showdown Ski Area to the town of Neihart, 8 miles and 2,000 feet in elevation loss away, passing through lodgepole forest, and following the creek through narrow canyons with rock outcrops.
The trail was in terrific shape Friday with plenty of powder and great snow bridges with which to cross and recross O'Brien Creek.
I was surprised to see that the road between the town of Neihart and the Neihart water treatment building had been plowed.  If that can be counted on and you have two cars to ferry, it would cut off about a half mile down a steep road that usually has been sanded and is strewn with small rocks.
I was by myself, parked the car at the Neihart highway department maintenance quonset and was quickly picked up hitchhiking by a snowmobiler heading for the pass.
Along the way I took my time, did some tele turns off Divide Road, and still finished the ski in 2 hours and 45 minutes in changeable weather with a temperature of about 25 on top and 40 at the bottom.

Here's some greater detail of the trip. Click here for O'Brien Creek

The area near Divide Road offers tele turn possibilities

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