Thursday, January 01, 2015

Jefferson Creek kicks off new year

Katie in deep powder along Jefferson Creek

A frosty Jefferson Creek follows the trail
In most years I don't spend much time on Jefferson Creek, not a trail, but a road that runs for about 5 miles along this stream in the Little Belts a couple of miles south of Neihart.
However, with the huge dumps of snow, Jefferson Creek turned out to be the perfect place to initiate the New Year.
Katie and I skied about 6.5 miles total, up and back along the creek on a gorgeous sun-spangled Jan. 1.  The terrain rose gently, picking up 560 feet of elevation.
The snow was packed fairly well and ran in two trails for a couple of miles, used by both skiers and snowshoers, and then narrowed down to a single cross country ski track.
Jefferson Creek runs through a canyon where rock outcrops come right down to the road.
The ultra-cold weather frosted the trees along the creek, adding to the beauty.
Although it was about 20 degrees, there were only two other skiers and three snow-shoe parties.
I've also included a photo from a telemark trip I took into the bowls north and east of the Weatherwax Creek bowls, where we found deep powder Dec. 20.
Pre-Christmas skiing in bowls northeast of Weatherwax Creek in Little Belts

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