Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow in the Front

A quick trip back in fast powder

I'm sun-tanning in the Waldron bowl

Approaching the bowl
It snowed sufficiently on Sunday and Monday that we had pretty decent snow on the Rocky Mountain Front on Tuesday, good enough for a good ski to the North Fork Waldron Creek bowl.
The conditions were as ideal as I've ever seen them:  cloudless, deep blue skies; no wind; about 10 inches of new powder.
The only negative might have been that the powder was sitting on hard pack ice and where there had been wind or sun, that ice was exposed and could make particular areas treacherous.
It was only 10 degrees when we started, and it warmed up to over 30 degrees.
I skied with Jim Heckel to the 7,000 feet mark and we had lunch in the bowl in bright sunshine, enjoying the spectacle of the Mount Lockhart ampitheater.
We encountered only one other person that day, and oddly enough it was made son, Demian, who was up for the day from Conrad to climb Teton Peak.  Wish I could have joined him.  His photos from the top are breathtaking, with great views across the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Warm temperatures today and predicted again for Thursday before (I hope) winter and good skiing returns.
Coming up the bottom

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