Sunday, February 15, 2015

Resorting to hiking

The Gibson Reservoir trail not far from Big George Gulch
We didn't trust the snowfall in the mountains and opted for a hike rather than a ski on Sunday, and things turned out just fine.
Of course I was a little unsettled when I got home and found out that it had been snowing furiously at Teton Pass Ski Area just north of where I was hiking in the Sun River Canyon/Gibson Dam area.
Anyway, we took two hikes in about 2-3 inches of wet and quickly melting snow first along the Gibson Reservoir shoreline to Big George Gulch (4 miles roundtrip) and then up Hannan Gulch (5.5 miles roundtrip).
Hannan Gulch Ranger Station
The sun peeked through the threatening skies a couple of times and there were a couple of sucker holes.  It was just at freezing the entire day, but there was no wind and the hiking was quite pleasant.
The reservoir looked to be about 30 feet low and there was lots of open water.
On the way back to Augusta we spotted very large herds of elk in the distance on the Sun River Game Range, a sight that attracted not a few sightseers.  The elk were very tough to make out without binoculars, however.  But, they were there.
Gibson Reservoir Overlook

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