Thursday, December 17, 2015

A powdery O'Brien Creek Trail ready to go

A winter wonderland on O'Brien Creek Trail

A lovely snow-framed corridor

Jasmine Krotkov stabilizes a snow bridge across O'Brien Creek
I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but I've been skiing a lot, mostly do the same area ---- Kings Hill, Porphyry and Trail 747 ---- over and over again for conditioning.
Here's to report that Wednesday a group of four of us on one of Wayne's Wednesday Walks, broke trail all the way down O'Brien Creek.  The snow bridges are questionable in a couple of spots, but Jasmine Krotkov shored them up with the shovel she brought along.
There's been plenty of snow --- about two feet of it in the last week or so --- but there's no base, so you sink to the ground and it's tough getting your tips back up.
It was a cold 10 degrees, and it snowed hard at time on this trip, but it was exquisitely beautiful winter scenery, the trees laden with snow and powder in all directions.

CLICK HERE for O'Brien Creek, map, photos, details

The ruins of an old cabin, once a lunch spot on the ski tour

Lunch time as we reached O'Brien Creek bottom

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