Thursday, July 19, 2018

Quiet Glacier, Our Lake

At Our Lake in Front

Mount St. Nicholas from Scalplock Lookout in Glacier

On the colorful Scenic Point Trail walk through to East Glacier Park
We had a wonderful weekend in Glacier Park thanks to friends Camille Consolvo and Mike Dannels who shared a cabin in East Glacier Park with us.
We shared two old favorite hikes with them off the beaten path in hopes of avoiding crowds while having the Glacier experience.
I think we were successful as we climbed Scalplock Mountain just north of Essex on the flank of Ole Creek the first day and followed it with the 10 mile walk through from Two Medicine Lake to East Glacier Park via the Scenic Point Trail.
While Glacier is at its peak season right now we saw only about six parties climbing Scaplock, which offers outstanding views of the park's southwest, with the St. Nicholas Peak Matterhorn most prominent, and two folks at the very end of the Scenic Point walk-through.
Meanwhile, the tourists keep coming through the turnstiles, crowding the famous trails.
Both of our weekend hikes offered amazing views and lots of solitude to boot!
On Wednesday we got out for a hike to Our Lake in the Rocky Mountain Front with Wayne Phillips' Wednesday Walkers group.
Despite 90+ heat in Great Falls we had relatively cool weather helped by some wind and enjoyed clear skies.

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