Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking for decent snow

Nice, but thin powder near the top of Kings Hill Peak
For more than a week now the local ski hills have been advertising "Spring Skiing."
The warm spell has taken its toll and I'm looking for any excuse to find some skiing.
On Tuesday night several inches of powder fell in the Little Belt, and of course, on Wednesday I was up on the hill looking around.
The powder provided a bit of skiing atop a pretty solid ice base.
I worked my way up from Kings Hill Pass to the top of Kings Hill (elevation: 8,031 feet), a gain of nearly 700 feet.
The day was absolutely beautiful, living up to the Spring Skiing billing:  bright, deep blue skies, passably skiable new powder and light winds. The winds were promising to make short work of the powder, however, and I kept my ski day short.
Kings Hilll outcrop
Once on top I skied the ridgeline to the head of Weatherwax Creek and the amazing bowls there where I took a couple of runs to the bottom.  I had to really work to keep from going out of control because of the icy surface beneath the thin vaneer of powder.
I came back by way of the power line right of way having covered more than 1,100 feet of elevation gain over 4 miles.
It will have to do until winter (hopefully) returns.

Click on this link for graphs, photos of trip:

Climbing Kings Hill on skis

My way down with lots of great views into the Divide Road area along the power line right of way

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